Floating Docks, Minnetonka Style!

These floating docks are an industry exclusive.  Hours upon hours have been spent with a Reputable Minnesota Dock Fabricator to come up with the perfect floating design.  These docks are built with a non corrosive aluminum frame, rigid floats, galvanized steel pipe brackets, 4” hot dipped schedule 40 down pipe, Titan decking, and are finished off with southern yellow pine side boards. 4’ static corners are available for extra stability. The framework and Panels of Titan make it simple to install, repair, and inspect gas, water, and electrical lines.  Never close your gas pumps to high waters again! Customers of all ages will have an easy time entering and exiting their watercraft while the boat to dock height remains constant.  Floating dock widths are 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, and 10’.   Custom layouts are a breeze with our experienced engineers.