Stationary Minnetonka Dock Systems

Tonka Built framework is strong, versatile and easy to service. Service is performed above the water with our system. Our docks are simple to extend, reconfigure or adjust should your dock system require changes throughout the years. It is compatible and similar to the standard Minnetonka Style Dock Systems.

All galvanized pipe used for the frame work or down posts are 1 ½” schedule 40 pipe.  This high tensile strength steel is designed specifically for high stress applications.  All steel goes through a hot dipped galvanizing process to defend against rust ultimately lengthening the life of your dock while giving it an appealing look for the years to come.  All set screws are lubricated to avoid bolt seizing. Bracket widths range from 3’6” to 10’6”. Making for easy Dock Installation, Dock Removal, and Changes!

Floating Dock Systems

Floating Docks, Minnetonka Style!

These floating docks are an industry exclusive.  Hours upon hours have been spent with a Reputable Minnesota Dock Fabricator to come up with the perfect floating design.  These docks are built with a non corrosive aluminum frame, rigid floats, galvanized steel pipe brackets, 4” hot dipped schedule 40 down pipe, Titan decking, and are finished off with southern yellow pine side boards. 4’ static corners are available for extra stability. The framework and Panels of Titan make it simple to install, repair, and inspect gas, water, and electrical lines.  Never close your gas pumps to high waters again! Customers of all ages will have an easy time entering and exiting their watercraft while the boat to dock height remains constant.  Floating dock widths are 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, and 10’.   Custom layouts are a breeze with our experienced engineers.

Floating Dock Systems in Minnetonka


Sheltering your boat from sun rays, rain, and debris with our boathouses is an affordable way to preserve your boat’s value, avoid annoying boat cover snaps, and will save you time on cleaning so you can focus on boating!

Aluminum and galvanized steel-framed boathouses of all heights, widths or lengths are available. We use hot dipped schedule 40 galvanized pipe for all steel frame boathouses. Our heavy duty aluminum construction has proven its strength for years.  We use wood 2x2’s, steel, or aluminum slats to tie the bows together while supporting the vinyl.

An industry standard 13 oz UV coated vinyl is cinched tight along the boathouse framework.  The vinyl is heat welded together creating a watertight seam so your boats will stay dry. ¾” grommets are inserted along all four edges so you can securely tie the vinyl down to the boathouse’s frame work. There are many color and pattern options so your vinyl can be manufactured using one solid color, stripes, or your custom design!

“Some of our favorite gatherings with guests have been sitting on the boat under the boathouse during a rain storm.  We don’t cancel; we relax, and listen to the rain hit the canvas- very tranquil.”  -Amanda R.

Hydraulic Lifts

Built with a non-corrosive aluminum frame and stainless steel hardware, hydraulic lifts were made to get wet for years to come. The hydraulic lift comes standard with full length vinyl bunks for hull support and protection. The aluminum hydraulic cylinders use an environmentally-friendly biodegradable fluid for operation. 60” lifting range is an on hand option recommended for all lifts, no need to worry about adjusting lift leg height as the water level changes. These smooth, quiet lifts are operated with a wireless key fob.  Hydraulic lifting capacities range from 1,200 lbs to 24,000 lbs. popular hydraulic lift accessories include: canopies, guide on systems, AC and DC operation.

Crosspoint Hydraulic Lift

Cable Lifts

Cable Lifts Whether used for a PWC, fishing boat, pontoon, stern drive, or an inboard boat, cable lifts have been a tradition for years. The non-corrosive aluminum/steel components are no match for the water. All the cable lifts we sell are vertical lifts so the lifting range can accommodate fluctuating water levels. Each individual leg can be independently adjusted manually and with some models using only a cordless drill. Cable lifts come standard with full length vinyl bunks for hull support and protection. Cable lifting capacities range from 800 lbs to 20,000 lbs. Other popular accessories include: canopies, guide on systems, bow stops, motor stops, and wireless AC and DC operation. Cable lifts bring your watercraft out of the water preventing the intrusion of zebra mussels and algae.



Staircases, paddleboard racks, canoe/kayak racks, lighting, flag poles, storage boxes, benches, hammocks, an our exclusive all-in-one solar powered stereo/ac/dc/phone charging boxes!  Give us a call, we want your dock to be your second home!



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